Well, That Was A Fuckin Waste Of Time

Graphic design is their passion

Graphic design is their passion


Today, Saturday May 26th 2018, Everyone Has A Voice took place. This chemtrails conference was supposed to shake the flat earth and help, you know, raise awareness? We did live coverage of some of the conference but not the whole thing. Good thing too, because waking up at 7AM our time would have a been a massive mistake, possibly would have been the worst miscalculation in the history of the war of bad ideas.

As you can see in the youtube capture of our live coverage above, the quality of their live stream was very poor. The quality of the content was also poor, but that was kind of the point of covering it. The video kept ending and the sound was bad when it wasn’t choppy. Most of Max Igan’s talk didn’t even make the live stream, if any of it made it at all. We couldn’t tell which derp was which if I am being honest here.

Matt Landman’s conference was much much better than Maddy’s. More attendance, a live feed that while poor in quality, was actually in landscape. And the people speaking mostly kept their face in the microphone, one of the reasons the audio was better for Matt’s event. There was far more interest for Madison’s event in CAKU than there was in the chemtrails community or the conspiracy community more broadly. Our live feed had more viewers than the “official” live feed from Maddy’s facebook had almost the entire time which was not the case for Landman’s event.

I can’t believe I got out of bed for this if I am being honest, but some people drove over 12 hours to attend, so if we’re gonna light a candle for anyone, it’s probably for the live attendees. Madison’s parents also sat through the whole fuckin thing, so maybe they’re the ones who got the shortest end of this very poorly produced stick.

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