This Chemtrails Conference Flyer Tho...


Okay so I'm not the best graphic designer in the world but I feel like it takes a special talent to make a flyer this bad. It looks like either the designer of the flyer or someone from whom they aped the graphic of the globe (isn't the earth flat?) has signed the bottom right corner, probably the latter, I just don't think anyone would sign this tragedy. The facebook event link is Not a bitly link, not one of those 99 cent .xyz links, but  Why is there a comma after this woman's name?  Why is there no space between "world" and "10"?  Why is the chemtrails death plane covering up some of the date? This thing is hard enough to read as it is without a poisonous chemplane covering some of the date. Why is the date in the purple area in the bottom left quadrant a different font than the text directly above it? Why are there so many commas in the date? And... um.... "Virgina"?

And the biggest question I am sitting here asking myself is... where did they find a Windows 95 computer to make this with? When I first saw this I assumed it was some troll, but nope! It's the official graphic for the event, it's on the event page. I have not blown up the image to accentuate the pixelation. If you are on a phone, it's probably being scaled down. I want to know who made this mind expandingly bad promotional image.  Was it Michael Murphy?

This lady's gotta be trolling...

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