Michael J. Murphy's Chemtrail Scam!

So there's this cat, Michael J Murphy.  He's made such "documentaries" as "why in the world are they spraying" and "what in the world are they spraying".  I won't link them, cuz fuck this dude.
Mr. Murphy has a fraudulent gofundme campaign going right now, and even the other chemtrails lunatics are catching on to the fact that it's a total scam.  Here you can see another chemmie, Max Bliss, alluding to the fact that MJM may not be so honest and should consider giving the money to someone else to do the "documentary", specifically Max Bliss.  Shocking, right? 

Apparently, this is nothing new, as you can see from a comment on Max's post.  I have redacted the name as the person commenting is not a public figure.

But just a few days before, on June 25th, Max Bliss had this to say, which is different than what he said just 4 days later.

It seems that within just a few days, Mr. Bliss changed his mind entirely as to what is going on here.  It could simply be a peek into the totally fucking paranoid world view that belief in this stuff requires or maybe, just maybe, Mr. Bliss believes what many skeptics already believe: Michael J Murphy is a fucking con artist.  Michael J Murphy spent the money on drugs and there is not going to be a "documentary", or if there is one, it will cost far less than the donated funds, far far less.  Michael J Murphy probably did not spend most of the money he raised for his other "documentaries" on production of those "documentaries".

We here at Echoplex Media do not take issue with drug use.  Matter of fact, if you can control yourself, we tend to endorse it.  What we do take issue with is fraud.  Even if you are defrauding chemtrail hoax believers, it's still fraud.  

Gofundme makes it easy to defraud your followers if they are fucking idiots, and let's face it, chemmies are fucking idiots.  I mean come on, they believe this crap!


He left that post public though, and well, the trolls had a bit of a laugh.  As well they should.  Names *not* redacted.  Showing some love for some of our #CAKU family.

Michael J Murphy has not responded to our requests for an interview, so we made this meme.

Now we are asking for your help.  If you can get us an interview with this cat, we would greatly appreciate it.  Bother him on social media.  Drop this meme on his posts if you aren't blocked. Do whatever it takes.  Cuz this guy makes MadisonStar Moon look trustworthy.

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