eBay Admits To Being Complicit In Mail Fraud

This was the official eBay response to questions I have about their users buying items and returning a bag of sand.  They basically said "we do not try to stop buyers from stealing".

This means that eBay Inc is complicit in mail fraud.  When you receive the bag of sand back instead of your item, eBay steals money from your PayPal account to refund the person who committed the fraudulent act, thus becoming an accomplice.

And the conversation continues.  The official ebay customer support team clarifies that they are not willing or able to do anything about people using eBay to steal from sellers.

This is pretty terrible when you think about it.  The sellers are paying fees to use eBay's service, and then eBay just allows people to steal from those sellers.  What's more is if the seller gets a bag of sand and refuses to issue the refund, eBay will steal money from the PayPal account of the eBay seller to issue the refund.  And if that's not interesting enough for you, if a seller pushes back against theft a few times in a month, eBay will limit their account and put a hold on the funds in their PayPal account.

It's not ethical, but eBay just told the entire world that eBay Inc doesn't do shit if you use their service for mail fraud.

But don't worry, this lady is "working behind the scenes to make eBay a great place to sell"

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