Popeye the Chemtrail Man


He must live in his garden, man. Turned on his lappy, his audio is crappy. Have a pint, and chill out. Damn.

Oh, Peter Fairest. You’re new to us here at Echoplex. But, you’re already kinda legendary. Your fight against the CAKU shills is hilarious. Your profanity laced Facebook live videos are equally as hilarious. I hope you read this because I have a few things I’d like to make clear to you, since you won’t take an interview with us.

1. CAKU or CHEMTRAILS ARE KILLING US!!!!!!! (all hail the 33) is a Facebook group. It’s not a CIA or NSA or FBI run conspiracy used to spread misinformation and put laffin’ smoilies on your posts. That’s just normal people making fun of you because the shit you believe is ridiculous.

2. The madder you get, the funnier you are.

3. The more angry videos you make, the funnier you are.

4. Making new groups, lists, and YouTube channels about the people who make fun of you on the internet is pathetic.

5. The weirdest thing I think I’ve seen recently is someone who thinks and is angry that the government is poisoning them, while smoking a cigarette.

6. Bluto is always going to try and kidnap Olive Oil.

7. Dane Wigington is not a trendsetter by wearing the same shirt in every video he does. Change ya damn shirt.

8. Echoplex did not disrupt the live feed of the chemtrail summit in Arizona. That was their own technical ineptitude. Chasing the feed all over the internet was fun for us tho, and showed off our studio’s capabilities quite well.

9. You should switch to Linux if you’re concerned about the government spying on you. And leave Facebook AND YouTube for that matter. All you damn paranoid ass conspiritards religiously use the very platforms you endlessly bitch about being compromised.

10. Reducing yourself to making fun of someone’s appearance is the last resort of a person who has no argument. I’m sorry that chemtrails were debunked so long ago. It’s ok to admit you were wrong and to stop being afraid of clouds. It might be a huge relief for you to do so. You seem a little pent up.

The longer you deal with us, the more likely it is that you’re going to become our friend. So be careful. Us fun-loving shills over at the Echoplex are super huggable and we grow on you. Just ask our frenemy Madisonstar Moon. And be sure to tune into our simulcast of her conference on Saturday, if she can get her shit together to provide a live stream. We know you’ll be watching. Cheers, mate.

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