This week in Derp 5/26 – 6/1/2018


Just to start off, thanks to all the shills in CAKU for finding Echoplex all the derp that’s fit to herp to keep us at the top of our game. Being TMZ for conspiracy theorists would be much harder without you!

The push up to Amanda’s chem-conference was not what she cracked it up to be. About a dozen speakers spoke to half that many people in the audience. Without a plan and a schedule she had to skip a bunch of her very important guests to make sure she had room for herself at the end. I guess next year she should try and get her shit together so a bunch of folks don’t waste their time sitting through an empty event for nothing.


She gave everyone who stayed at her house some gifts then bid all her guests adieu on Sunday.

Amanda also got rear ended again. Not on facebook live unfortunately like last time. She got a rental while she was waiting for her new (to her) car to be ready. Meanwhile she’s enjoying the satellite radio, and I’m here wondering when she’s going to have some questions about that since she thinks NASA is fake. Lo and behold we have some clips of her ponderings for the Big Show on Sunday.

Raphaelle O’Neil gave Echoplex and me (The Media Wench) a shout out during her speech. Thanks! Expect a retort to your debunking challenge. Although it might not go as you think it will. Just sayin’.

Michael Murphy is still in Inglewood. Up to no good. And possibly saving us all from rape and WW3.

Jim Lee kicked the Producer out of his Discord chat and blocked our main twitter. Thanks Gay Dave.


Peter Fairest is still in his garden yelling into his laptop. Some of the CAKU shills have started commenting on his YouTube videos in which we got yet another shout out for Echoplex and The Media Wench, by gubment name.

Austin Bennett commented on a few of our posts after he was tagged. He’s a fucking Pizzagate believer. Which makes him one of the worst kinds of conspiracy derps. People who want to believe that pedophilia rings and that type of conspiracy are true, even after it’s been long since debunked, are the worst kind of human trash. Almost as bad as false flaggers. But not quite.

Dan Bidondi is still a potato. And so is his website.

Shout outs to CAKU, Alli Drew, Wakesheep (only for sharing our Austin Bennett bits, everything else you can fuck off), Jeff Black, and Tim Miller for the incredible zings you threw out on YouTube this week. Fighting the good fight as always.

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