This week in Derp 6/2 to 6/8/2018

A few things going on in the derp world this week. We have calls to the military, targeted individuals, and rigged elections. The Producer got blocked by Jim Lee, again, on several different accounts. And there's some housekeeping stuff for the coming weeks at the end of this article including info on a special Caturday on the 16th as well as off days for both The Plex and Local Love.

Midweek MadisonStar Moon posted that she was going to quit Facebook again because no one watches her videos and her posts don't get any reach. Again, I'd like to point out that if she would unblock everyone her audience would be able to grow, but that's beating a dead horse at this point.

She immediately changed her mind and has been on a posting spree. Effectively waving her middle finger at the man or Zuckerberg or a cloud or whatever happens to be in front of her. Her resolve has been strengthened and she's going full throttle at the nearest military base she can get someone to answer the phone at. She's reached the civilian community liaison who she's spoken to before at the navy base. He still isn't having any of her shit.

As usual she’s confused by technology and can’t figure out how to take videos with her phone or transfer files from it to her computer. So she's had the brilliant idea to just lay the phones over each other and try and get a clean recording between all the zillion notifications she gets. This results in the kind of audio quality you can expect. Like, I didn’t know audio could get pixels?

She's begging her friends for help in harassing this initial point of contact, appointed herself as the representative for the people against the military, and has declared a tally in the win category for her efforts in exposing the same thing she exposed a year ago. Which was nothing. You get ‘em, pal.

Speaking of confused by technology, Raphaelle O'Neil is having issues setting up her voicemail on her new phone. She, like many of the other security minded folk in the chemtrail community, use double decade old technology (in this case, a super cheap flip phone) and expect it to work up to the standards today's networks and devices are optimized for. Not trying to sound paranoid, she explains how she left her other phone in her car so it wouldn't hear her getting a new one. She got all her stuff home, popped her old sim card in, and was SHOCKED at the speed in which they can trace an individual's travels and know their every move. That's the only explanation as to how there was already a voicemail greeting installed on the phone before she even turned it on.

It must be hard being a targeted individual. Every electronic device scanning your every move. You can't even trust a microwave these days. But seeing as how that's not the case because she's just dumb, Raph, imma help you out.

Your sim card is connected to your network. Not your phone. Your voicemail and greeting are stored on a server far, far, away from your crazy ass. They are not stored on your device. Also, depending on the type, and network you have, if you swap a sim card from one phone to another, it’s not out of the question to have your prompts and greetings not line up perfectly. So what you may have heard as “ bitch”, is really you just saying “message” but the leading audio has been cut off. No one cares enough about you to fuck with your voicemail greeting.

After being hacked & tracked via my iphone and across FB social media I got a new number and sim card and put it in an old flip phone I once used for another number, but upon playing back my recorded "leave a message" message at initial set up, the play back I got was "B-itch" in my voice but as if it was sliced together from two previous sounds I must have made while "voice to texting" earlier.

There's a lot of political candidate derp on the docket this week, as the crazies all make their way to Facebook or YouTube eventually during elections. This includes our favorite chem-candidate Austin Bennett. In grand fashion he not only gave us his (non concession) concession speech, but several diatribes that are just too much for words. They're long. I’m not sitting through that. But to sum up he says that he had more write ins than were reported, the clerk has it out for him, he's a targeted individual, no one cares about the children, and we’re all going to be judged by god. That's just the rational type of person we need in office.

In Echoplex news, the docket for The Big Show tomorrow June 10th is chock full of madness. There will be no Local Love on Tuesday June 12th, we’re having a meeting. There might be some red light or DJ’s spinning some tunes late in the evening. Tune in at 11ish Pacific and find out or keep an eye on our various social media accounts. There will also be no Plex Live on Sunday June 17th for father's day, but it just so happens that Caturday the 16th is the 3 year anniversary of The Plex! Starting at noon Pacific we will be rebroadcasting some of our favorite back episodes, breaking in once in awhile for some chatter, and going live at 9PM for a special edition Caturday docket. Be sure to tune in!

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