BONUS! MadisonStar Moon And The Telephone Barrage

MadisonStar Moon, chemtrail kook #1.

MadisonStar Moon, chemtrail kook #1.

During last Tuesday's Local Love: Red Light, Producer Dave and Fuckin' Harrison got a wild hair up their asses to give MadisonStar Moon a call. They landed in her voicemail, as even kooks in Virginia have to sleep sometimes. How else can they get woke?

Madison called us back the next day and left a message, then hit us up on Facebook shortly thereafter demanding to speak with our "leader." The beginning of that exchange can be found here, and part the second half can be found here.

We gladly agreed, of course, and the results were, shall we say...totally fucking surreal.

Here's what we managed to pull from the recording.  We edited out some of the down time and some of the calls with other people while we were live, but the calls with MadisonStar Moon are completely unedited. I hope you're ready for this; it's completely insane. Enjoy!