The Plex: Sundays 7-9pm Pacific
Local Love: Tuesday, 9-11 Pacific
Echoplex News (sometimes) : Wednesday 10-11pm Pacific
Echoplex Sessions:  Thursdays 10pm till whenever Pacific
Special Events:  Follow our Facebook for info or click here
Red Light:  After each show ends, the format goes out the window and anything can happen!
When no show is live, our local music library is always on shuffle

If you prefer to listen in another player:
Or you can listen on TuneIn
Also, you can listen via our app for IOS or Android



Phone: 408.883.PLEX (7539)

Join our discord chat below:

If you're enjoying the live show or the local music that's on shuffle when there's no show, do us a solid, share it around. This project gets better as more people get involved so please visit our contact page if you would like to get in touch with any or all of us. And do not forget to join our discord chat!  Discord is the best chat system we've tried, and we've tried a lot of them.