Coming Soon: By The Way with Johnny Corn

When I worked in broadcast radio I would interview musicians, comedians and other artists. I had so many more questions but I was limited to a clock. I always wanted to get into the weeds. Talk about their career. But also how they got there. What was the influences? What are their interests? Get to know the real them. Not the persona but the person. That is what this podcast is all about.

Johnny Corn

This has been a long time in the pre-contemplation phase. Scheduling is always hard and, well, as you probably already know, everyone around here smokes a ton of weed. Plus we’re a tiny network with limited resources, hint hint, so there just isn’t always time to give everything a proper go. But we’ve waited long enough on this one. So here it is, with a logo that is most likely temporary:

By The Way 1080 1-sqsp1.jpg

The first guest will be a friend of the network who has been a guest on The Local Love Podcast, Phil Johnson. His solo work, his work with his band Roadside Attraction, his YouTube channel, and his work as a stand up make him the perfect person to invite to the studio for the first episode of this interview show. Show will launch as an echoplex media website exclusive and then it will hit your favorite podcast apps just a week or so later!

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