Focusrite 18i20 w/ Octopre Expansion
Power Conditioner
1x Shure SM7B
1x Shure SM58 & 3x knockoff SM58
Amazon Echo Dot
(not a joke, connected to the system)
Android tablet for “morning zoo” style hits and super short clips
Headphone amplifier
(max of 5 total sets of headphones)
Korg Nanokontrol 2 midi mixer
KRK RP5 Studio Monitors
1 Laptop to run the recording and streaming
(dell precision 3510)
1 Laptop for Discord (Thinkpad T400 *vintage*)
1 Laptop for the phone system (Dell Latitude E5440)


All computers are running Ubuntu Studio (Linux) with the KXStudio tools

Comms systems:

Phone laptop connects to our call queue system
Discord laptop runs Discord high quality voice and text chat
Both communication system laptops have compression running on the output
Both voice services can run simultaneously - Parties on one can hear parties on the other

Main recording/routing laptop runs the following:

Ardour DAW for capture
Calf Studio Plugins for gates, compression, and limiting all through the signal chain
Jack Mixer for advanced routing
(controlled by Korg Nanokontrol 2)
Mixxx for playing music and news clips
OBS for Facebook Live etc etc over RTMP
B.U.T.T. for connecting to Icecast2


$50 per hour includes system startup and launch, you have to engineer your own show

$100 per hour includes startup and launch, and one of our producers engineers your show

$10 per hour if you just want to use our icecast2 server
*pricing does not include post-production*

Contact us to discuss availability or if you have other questions