Did Trump Billy Madison His Way Through School?

We’ve all seen the classic Adam Sandler movie Billy Madison about a spoiled grown man who’s been taken care of his whole life by his wealthy father. Billy has had everything fixed for him including passing grade school and high school because his father bribed his teachers to give him passing grades. Presumably if there was still a military draft in place, his father would’ve also bribed a doctor to present a military deferment that he had bad bone spurs and therefore could not participate in military service. Billy must prove to his father he is capable of running his father’s hotel company.

That brings back to #InventAConspiracyTheory where one of us comes up with a conspiracy theory and the readers try to find holes or problems with the theory. Again this one might also be convincing to some. The last one I did was about the alleged Abortion Ban Hoax. There wasn’t any contradictory feedback disproving any of the points made on that one and to be honest, I didn’t come up with any holes in my argument myself. I wanted to find holes because that’s the whole idea of doing this. If anyone has information that would contradict any of the points made I’ll be the first to post a followup article showing what holes readers found.

Now back to Billy Madison and President Trump. How are they related? What do they have in common? Well they pretty much have everything in common. There are Trump analogies throughout the entire film. President Trump publicly speaks and types on Twitter like someone who did not pass grade school let alone college. His grammar on Twitter has been mocked repeatedly and has even had his personal letters embarrassingly corrected by teachers he sent them to. A study finds he speaks at a 4th grade reading level compared to past presidents.

Regarding his public speaking, he doesn’t speak like an intelligent person. No intelligent person brags about how smart they are ALL THE TIME.

Regarding who he listens to on foreign policy candidate Trump said:

“I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things."

Trump’s public comments don’t sound like someone who passed a college level economic class. He suggested tariffs could replace the income tax. Conservative economist Ben stein has suggested Trump is the least intellectual president we’ve had in a while and stated “I don't think Trump knows a goddamn thing about economics”.

How did President Trump do in college? All public records indicate he was definitely NOT among the smartest in his class despite boasting about how great he was in school. Trump repeatedly challenged President Obama’s legitimacy by demanding he release his birth certificate as well as his college transcripts. In 2011, Trump released his own birth certificate but NEVER released his own college transcripts. Why? Maybe there’s something on those transcripts he doesn’t want us to see. Maybe the transcipts list the student’s religion. Maybe it says he’s a Muslim. But seriously, could actual transcripts show he’s not as smart as he portrays himself as? We all know Trump has run education scams with Trump University sort of like the 2006 movie Accepted. Trump allegedly earned an actual degree in economics. No one is disputing the degree’s accreditation. But did he earn it? More recently his former lawyer Michael Cohen revealed that at Trump’s direction he "threatened his high school, colleges, and the College Board not to release his grades or SAT scores.“ Now it’s well within Trump’s right for privacy regarding his school transcripts. But was any president this worried about their grades being made public? Why was he so worried if he was so smart?

That brings us to the main question. Did Trump bribe his way through school to pass? There’s only one way to resolve this. President Trump must release his college transcripts. I will donate 5 million dollars to the Hair Club for Men if he will release them to the American people.

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