This Week in Derp 7/15 to 8/5/2018 - Not Necessarily Your Friends


This week in derp this time is just going to cover a more blanket period in derp, as there is very little going on, but all that little is piling up. I do have a few comments about some things that I really wish these dumb ass truthers would let sink into their dense ass skulls.

Facebook profiles are not your real-life friends.

Just let that sit a minute.

Louder for the people in the back.


OK. Let’s dissect this a little bit. And it’s fucking sad that I actually have to do this for some grown ass adults. It’s OK to be social on social media. That’s what it’s for. But social media is NOT real life. People you meet online have no personal investment in you. They don’t know you. They don’t visit. They may or may not know your real name. You may or may not know their real name. They’ve never pet your cat or watered your plants. They’ve never helped you move or given you a ride to/from the airport. Never passed out drunk on your couch. Never accidentally lit your carpet on fire or binge watched 30 hours of Burn Notice with you. They are not your real life friends. Getting outraged that someone was “rude” with you or “insulted” you to the point where you post a fucking rage quit video on Facebook live is what CHILDREN do when you tell them they can’t stick the fork in the light socket or drink the Tabasco sauce. The second any one of those internet friends, crosses that line and does some real life things with you, they are real friends. That’s the distinction. Pretty simple.

Madison does this thing where she says that Facebook is a CIA data mining tool, then bitches she gets no post reach on it, then says she doesn’t care, then says she’s going to leave, then says she’ll never leave because her work is to important and her fans need her. Then disses all her fans because they don’t hang on her every word and post, then blocks a whole bunch of people, then blames Facebook for being a CIA data mining tool and that’s why she gets no post reach. It’s a fucking cycle of insanity based off this very concept. Facebook profiles aren’t real friends. The fact that she gets so worked up over something so incredibly insignificant as a dude on the internet saying some shit that she likely took the wrong way (because it’s fucking text and there’s no inflection), just baffles the shit outta me. She LIVES for the drama. That’s the only reason she does this activist bullshit anymore. It has to be the only reason. Everything that she’s about, has her in the forefront. Her work, her time, her videos. Me me me. I I I. All about Dramanda.

There are other activists that tread in a shallow pool of people online that they call friends, but none as deep as Madison. Another reason why I think she believes about zero of what she’s telling people and just wants to be internet famous. She’d have a much better chance at having an audience if she would unblock everyone, make herself a like page again, and just fucking ignore the comment party under her posts like Alex Jones does. Let her internet friends do the fighting for her. I mean, it wouldn’t go well for them, but they could give it a shot.

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