This Week in Derp 7/8 to 7/15/2018

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This week was a very slow week in derp. I mean, we’re always trolling. There’s no shortage of derp available. But as for the monumental kind from the usual suspects, it’s been quiet. Amanda posted some Mandela effect shit about Randy Jackson and Bill Cosby. The Bill Cosby bit would totally be on brand, but the crap around it is painfully boring. We do have some clips on the docket for the show in the 15th that remind us why we give zero shits about hurting her feelings, but her Mandela effect distraction has inspired a new word and definition from me. So I present to you:

The Amandela effect.
When you’re sure someone posted something and it's since been deleted.

It’s akin to the dirty delete, but different in the aspect that the content had a deliberate short shelf life to begin with.

Our #1 fan Araya Light has been lurking around to give us some sad reacts and laffin’ smoilys this week. Hey Araya, if you donate to our Patreon at the $5 level, you can get the whole show that no one listens to from the beginning to end in all its glory. We know you don’t want to miss a minute of your favorite shills. The audio quality is as spectacular as always, straight from a live Icecast capture. And even if you don’t have the five bucks because you’ve been hanging out with Michael Murphy (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) just shoot us a message and we can work out something for shares. Or angry comments. We’re OK with either. Muah.

In Echoplex news, The Producer has applied his superior kung-fu and reinstalled the whole system. So the Icecast should no longer have the bit rate conversion issues it was having for some listeners on the Local Love broadcast July 10th. We’ve also upgraded some of the software and operating systems. Keeping us on the bleeding edge of open source broadcasting.

Our newest team member Jeff Black will be live and in person in the studio next week and gracing 2 of our shows! Go Fuck yourself will be pre-recording episode 5 in which he will be a guest panel member, and he will also be live on the Plex panel on Sunday. Can’t wait to meet this guy in real life. He’s been fantastic in his support since we met him and a great addition to the crew. Follow him on Twitter for his salty tweets and keep an eye out for new blog posts by him on our site.

That’s it for now. As always tune in Sundays at 7pm Pacific for The Plex live, and Tuesdays for Local Love at 9pm.

Namaste, Bitches.

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