This Week in Derp 8/5 to 8/12/2018 - Our Biggest Fans!


This week in derp is very special. Because it’s all about us. Just like we like it. Totes on brand.

There’s a few things we at Echoplex really do enjoy, and that’s our fans giving it all they got on our posts. Especially when they have nothing to do with them. Showing the love by constantly giving us sad reacts and laffin’ smoilys is really how you show your appreciation for the hard work we do on our show. While you’re at it, please go to iTunes and give us a one star review. We really do have a goal of being the worst rated, best podcast in the history of the medium. Case in point, ol’ Maddie and Araya Light are vying for the #1 fan spot on our listener spectrum. However our Australian day drinking team is going to be hard to beat. But here’s the college try from the chem-team:


Nothing says “I could care less.” than 5 pages of screenshots of unsolicited comments on our page. I especially love that Araya tagged Maddie in the post and then Maddie told her to quit tagging her in shit. I don’t know if she ackshweally caught that or not. Keep listening, ladies. Oh and Maddie, and tell your parents The Echoshills said hi!

In other news about ourselves, we are live this Sunday at 7PM pacific, you should join our Discord chat, and certainly join our Patreon. At the $5 dollar level, you get all the $1 perks, plus the show in it’s entirety captured live right off our Icecast 2. Which absolutely sounds 100% better than Truthcat Radio. You know you want that sweet sweet red light docket!!

Till next week, shills.

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