The PCCC Wants POTUS Candidates To Start Naming Cabinet Members. Here's How You Can Help.

If "personnel is policy," as Elizabeth Warren penned in a recent New York Times editorial, then character matters. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) is challenging Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the remaining GOP Presidential candidates to begin naming potential cabinet members for several key positions in their administration, including Treasury Secretary, Attorney General, and SEC Chair.

Income inequality and the influence of big money in politics - specifically that of Wall Street - have becoming defining issues of the 2016 presidential election, and given that the true power of the Administrative branch lies in cabinet appointees, the earlier that the public can be made aware of every candidate's considerations, the greater influence they can have in affecting those considerations.

Just click the link below to sign the petition, and don't forget to spread it around on your social networks. It doesn't matter who your voting for; what matters is taking a stand for greater transparency and accountability in the electoral process, and beyond. Sign the petition today!

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