The Great Badgering Of 2016!

On Sunday, February 21st, Echoplex Media, in conjunction with several other actors, stole an 11,000-member Facebook group LIVE on the air and filled it with...badgers! That's right, folks: badgers! Those, belligerent, ornery, adorable creatures swarmed the group Worldwide False Flags, confounding the truther potato-bots that normally fill the group with conspiracy derp. The existing admins were powerless to resist, as we had booted them off some time before, and the page is now ours!

Most of the badgers have returned to their warrens at this point, but we've managed to curate the best examples of the badgering that remain, and share them with you here.

Sadly, the broadcast of the event was not recorded, so you'll just have to be sure and tune in for the next one, which will likely be happening soon. Stay glued to the Echoplex Media calendar for all of the details!

Let us know at or 408.457.1757 if you participate in any badgerings of your own; we'd love to hear and share your story!

And now: BADGERS!

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