SJ Favorites Sweet HayaH Just Dropped Their New Music Video, And It's Fantastic

Check out the brand-new music video for "Yourself" by San Jose favorites Sweet HayaH, off their forthcoming album "Gentle Lies"! Four minutes of hot, sizzling funk that you won't soon forget!

Sweet HayaH will be joining us in-studio for an episode of LOCAL LOVE very soon to talk about the new album, so keep your eyes on the calendar for that one! You can catch LOCAL LOVE every Tuesday LIVE from 9-midnight PST!

Listen to LOCAL LOVE! Tuesdays 9-Midnight PST

And if you want to know more about this fantastic band, be sure and check out Randle's in-depth expose "Sweet HayaH: To The Beat Of Their Own Drum" at SOAPB[]X!

"Sweet HayaH: To The Beat Of Their Own Drum"

Sweet HayaH will be playing at the Brick And Mortar in San Francisco on Thursday, March 17th, and at the X-Bar in Cupertino on Friday, April 8th. Don't miss the opportunity to check out this incredible band!


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