Echoplex Podcast Recording and Routing System Launch Instructions

The videos were done on a single screen, our system has 2 screens, so feel free to move things around to make this more efficient for yourself as you work.

Before you start:

Make sure everything is powered on, obviously.

Make sure you have at least 30GB free on the recording machine by opening any folder, right clicking in any blank space in the folder and clicking properties.

If you intend on going really long, remember to stop and re-start the recording every 4 hours, or more frequently

Launching programs always happens using the launcher.  The launcher for our Ubuntu Studio machine is at the top left corner, just click it.  All the applications in this tutorial are in "favorites".  If you are on a different system and you are reading this tutorial, we will go ahead and assume you know how to launch applications :)

Part 1:

Setup Base System
Launch Cadence.
Check for 2 Green checks each in Jack Status and System Status

Launch Claudia by clicking "tools" in the Cadence window and choosing Claudia
In Claudia window go to Studio -->Load in the top left corner
Load "Everything But The Kitchen Sink"
Change buffer size to 128 samples in lower left corner of Claudia

Load Mics
Launch Jack Mixer
Open Recording/JackMixer/withMumble
Leave routing alone in Claudia

Load Gates for Mics
Launch Calf Plugin Pack for Jack
File --> Open
Path:  Desktop --> calf gates-mumble-system
Leave routing alone in Claudia

Configure NanoKontrol Midi Controller
In Cadence, in system tab, in "Jack Bridges" area, click "ALSA MIDI"
Click Export HW
Click Yes
Click Start
Leave Routing in Claudia Alone
Move faders on NanoKontrol to make sure that they move the digital faders on Jack Mixer

Configure Mixxx
Launch Mixxx
If prompted to reconfigure, select Reconfigure
Upper setting:  Very top option should be "Jack Audio Connection Kit'
Lower Devices:  Master setting should be 'system'

Part 2:

Setup Mumble
Launch another instance of Jack Mixer
Open Recording/Jack Mixer/withMumble-2
Leave routing alone in Claudia

In system tab, in "Jack Bridges" area, click "ALSA Audio"

Disconnect Routing for alsa2jack & jack2alsa
alsa2jack: capture 1 --> mumble mixer: from mumble
mumble mixer: to mumble out --> jack2alsa: playback_1

Launch Mumble (it is crucial to do this now, before you launch the Pulse bridge, or phone system will not work)
2 windows pop up, one of them has a server list, connect to "Echoplex"

On another system, log in to mumble as SuperUser
See that user "Echoplex Media" is in the main room (that's the broadcasting machine)
Right click that user and unmute
Unmute the sound on the Super User Laptop and talk into the mics, if you hear sound out of the speakers on the Super User machine Mumble is working properly
Remember to re-mute the sound on the Super User Laptop.
If none of this makes any fuckin sense to you, talk to Producer Dave and he'll fill you in.

Configure Phone System
Under Jack Bridges, start PulseAudio Bridge

Disconnect All for PulseAudio Jack Sync & Pulse Audio Jack Source
Pa Jack Sink: Front left --> Main Mixer: Phone in
Main Mixer: Phone out Out --> PA Jack Source: front left

Launch Chromium
Run a speedtest at to make sure connection is not wonky
If under 50 megabit download, unplug router and cable modem and plug back in

Go to
Make sure "phone in" is not muted on main Jack Mixer and make a test call
If no sound, close and re-launch chromium
If still no sound, go back to Cadence, stop the PulseAudio bridge, restart it and re-do routing.

Part 3:

Setup Ardour for Recording
Launch Ardour
Ignore messages about updates
Select New Session, name it according to the show and date, or just date is fine too
Click "open" at the bottom right of that window
Top right of center in Ardour window make sure 'Mixer' is selected for view(not editor or preferences)
Hit the plus in the middle on the left, in the dialog that appears Add 12 Tracks
Arm all the tracks with the red record circle
Dave usually shrinks tracks 6/7 & 9/10 to fit everything nicely(not required)

Disconnect all from Ardour box
Route hardware capture in sequence to audio 1-8 on the ardour box
Mixx routes to 9/10 on Ardour box
mumble mixer:from mumble out --> Ardour:audio 11
main mixer: phone in out --> Ardou: audio 12

Session --> Properties
Click Media; change sample format to 16bit integer

Even if you are finished with all this with plenty of time to spare, always start the recording by clicking the record button at the top of ardour then clicking play.  Our most experienced people have forgotten to do this because they walk away from the system and then just start the show.  It's easier to forget than you think.

This is a complete tutorial on the routing and recording for "in house".  Anyone else reading this, well we hope you get something out of it too.  If you have any questions about our set up please do not hesitate to contact us.  

We are using an 8 in 8 out M Audio M Track Eight running on Ubuntu Studio with the KXStudio tools (meta-all) installed on a Core i5 Thinkpad T520.  Below is a compressed pack with all of the configuration files mentioned in this tutorial.  If you have the same interface we have, you should be able to use this tutorial and the files we included to launch the same system on your own.  We have 5 mics, a stereo line in, and a tablet functioning as a soundboard taking up the 8 inputs on our M Track Eight.

Files here

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