Poor Pepe the Frog, He Only Ever Meant To Make You Laugh

So Imagine that you're a slightly awkward animated frog in an obscure web comic series.  You're funny, charming, popular with the ladies, you get invited to all the frog parties, even those wild ones Michigan J Frog throws that nobody really talks about afterward, and things are looking up.  You have a solid job as a character in Boy's Club and people are starting to use your likeness to make funny internet memes.  I mean sure maybe you drink a little too much and smoke a little too much of the good herb, but what frog in the prime of their life wouldn't do the same?

So you and your pals Brett and Andy have had some fun.  You've done some great gags like the time you were caught pulling your pants all the way down just to take a piss and the internet rejoiced.  By 2014 your instagram and tumblr presence boasts tons of followers and some seriously funny and even adorable fan created content.  You've been the "feels good man" frog as well as the "feels bad man frog".  People have made psychedelic animated gifs out of you too.  Basically you're living high on the frog.

Then comes the 2016 election.  Seemingly out of nowhere, some right wing asshole on twitter named JaredTSwift tells the daily beast that it's time to "reclaim Pepe from normies".  You then find out that he and others are using your likeness in anti-semitic illustrations.  Sure, you're an atheist frog, but you don't have a problem with Jewish folks. You don't worry about it because it seems like an isolated incident.  Then as time goes on, you realize that this it's not.  

You start seeing every trump supporting knuckle dragging shit kicking men's rights activist asshole on the internet who's mad about "social justice warriors" (whatever that means) using your likeness as their profile picture.  Now you're starting to get a bit annoyed because you are just a funny frog in a web comic.  You never signed up for this.  Then you see it.

Poor Pepe, he would not keep such company.  He's a humble humor frog.

Poor Pepe, he would not keep such company.  He's a humble humor frog.

Now all the sudden Michigan J Frog won't return your calls.  Hypnotoad won't sell you acid any more.  Kermit acts like he never knew you.  Dig 'Em won't meet you for dinner even if you're buying.  Frogger deleted you from his friends list on Steam.  Even Jean-Bob who was only ever in that shit movie "Swan Princess" isn't returning your calls or emails.  Basically, you've hit frog bottom without having done anything at all.  And worst of all, you've been depicted with a shitty comb over even though you're an amphibian and have never had hair at all.

Instead of your usual frog friends, you have Alex Jones hitting you  up, but not trying to sell you vitamins, rather for an interview on his crazy ass show.  Milo is trying to buy you dinner, won't leave you alone actually, even though you've told him you're not into humans or men.  Roger Stone wants to talk to you about the documents he claims to have about Hillary Clinton.  Worst of all, that fat fuck Chris Christie is trying to get you to go to a baseball game with him.  You don't even like baseball, or Chris Christie.  Even Brett and Andy seem a bit distant after all the fun you've had.

Now you're sitting there, not working, not doing any more comics with your pals.  Just sitting there, in your boxer-briefs.  You can't go on the internet because dudes who haven't been laid in 1825 days are posting horrible shit about immigrants and Muslims with your likeness as a profile picture.  Even as your funds dwindle because you can't get any work, you continue to buy and drink copious amounts of Bad Frog beer and wallow in your sorrows.  The only calls you get are robo-calls from David Duke telling you to vote Trump.  You have no intent on voting for Trump and you really don't want calls from former KKK leaders.  You never meant for any of this to happen but you cannot stop it.

Imagine being this poor frog.  If you see Pepe around, don't assume that this is a reflection of him as a frog.  Read back through the comics, there's nothing about any of this in any of his appearances.  Pepe is a nice frog.  These people who use his image might even call him a cuck or a beta male if they encountered him on a comment thread.  

Go back through the archives and read his comics, leave funny comments, and don't think about what people have tried to turn him into.  He only ever meant to make people laugh.

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