We Have a Mumble Room Now! (it's on hiatus, sorry)

**Room No Longer Active During Our Shows**

We are now only using Mumble for select interviews.  Instructions for contacting us during the show are on the Listen Live page.

Mumble is a great open source VoIP client for group chats. We will be rolling it in to all of our shows over the coming weeks, so we hope that our listeners will take advantage of this great way to join the conversation.

Before you start, make sure that you have headphones and something decent to capture your audio with, please do not use your computer or mobile device's speakers. A simple gaming headset works really well, but earbuds and the integrated microphone on your device should be okay.

Download Mumble here.


Port: 64738

Pick any user name you want, and then "register" the user name with our server.  It's pretty simple, but the instructions will depend on which particular client you are using. You have to accept our certificate to register your user name, if you don't care to register your user name, don't worry about the certificate, it's not required on our server.

Join the room called "audio check in" and someone will make sure your audio sounds okay, then place you in the main room.  The show host will then unmute you at their leisure, and you can talk to the panel in very high quality, assuming your Internet connection is solid.

We will not be getting rid of our phone system, but our Mumble room will have priority over the phone system going forward.

If you need help with Mumble, there are tons of great tutorials on YouTube.

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