Episode 032 Part 2 -- The Largest Local Music Library In The World Maybe


Producer Dave
Fuckin Harrison
The Councilman
Chip DeVille
Juan Maserati
Droo Zee


Mr Smooth - I Ain't Lit, I'm Plugged In Mon Feat Fashion
Landon Wordswell - Eat
Sweet HayaH - There Goes The Man
3 Ring Simian - Roundhouse
Sweet HayaH - Yourself
The Roughies - Smoke Of The Season
5avcat - 9 Lives
Pandemonaeon - Well Of Lost Voices
Tributaries - Fresh Cut Rug
24. 3:15:34 Book On VHS - Cheese Beast
Chip DeVille - Almost Got Away With It
Verse - Zip Zap
Kat Robichaud and The Darling Misfits - Somebody Call The Doctor
The Purple Trees - Said and Done
Citabria - Earthship
Dirtbag Dan - Suburbanites

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