Episode 033 -- Stormy Strong Joins Us Again In Studio

This time we're only giving you the first half of the show.  If you don't want to miss anything, be sure to tune in live every Tuesday!


Producer Dave
Steve On Keys
Chip DeVille
Stormy Strong


Curious Quail - Reconstruction
Audible Smoke Signal - Got Caught
Bates -  FYB
NVS - Sign Us Up
Stormy Strong - She
Juan Maserati - Go Funk Yourself
Joan and the Rivers - Clayface
 Kat Robichaud and The Darling Misfits - Why Do You Love Me Now?
Drawing Heaven - Chido
Usurper Vong - Coast to Coast
Sweet Hayah - Backwards
Gee Willikers - Waiting on the Harvest
Landon Wordswell - Eat
Rebelskamp - Frankenstein
Mr Smooth - I Ain't Lit, I'm Plugged In Mon Feat Fashion

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