Episode 033 -- It Must Be The Plasma

In which we discuss Jehovah's Witnesses try their hand at filmmaking, David Duke wanting Trump to go from building a wall to building a camp, and an exclusive interview with Dylan, one of the CAKU trolls who recently infiltrated the "Chemtrail Global Summit" in Vancouver, British Columbia, where none other than Madison Square Loon was attendance. All this and more on The Plex, LIVE every Sunday from 9-midnight PST at echoplexmedia.com! Want to weigh in during the live show? Call the Echoplex Hotline at 408-457-1757!


Producer Dave (@Plex_Dave)
Fuckin' Harrison (@Effin_Harrison)
Randle Aubrey (@Randle_Aubrey)
Chip DeVille
Steve On Keys



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