This Week in Derp 8/11 to 8/18/2018 - Jim Lee's Scam and Araya Light Isn't Real


We have something to admit folks. Araya Light is a character. She’s obviously too dumb to be real. We tried to think of the dumbest things these wannabe internet famous chicks do. Like constantly say they don’t care on everything you post. Call in their dumber homies who have less to say than they do, who only make them look dumber. Definitely love or laffin’ smoily react their own posts. Then cranked it up to 100. We took Michael Murphy’s profile photo and ran it through a gender swap app on Facebook, then ‘shopped it into a New Jersey Medium ad. We’ve been arguing with ourselves in the comments. Some of you were in on it. Shout out to our super-secret help. We know it gets hard trying to take the derps seriously and you, yourself need a break to troll. Thanks guys!

Sorry for being so obvious with the responses lol.

Sorry for being so obvious with the responses lol.


We also like every opportunity to re-post The Producers “debate” with cosplay scientist Jim Lee. Somehow chemtards think Jim won this discussion. These same people must think ‘bigly’ is a word, too. We call Jim a cosplay scientist not just because it’s fun, but also because it’s accurate. Here you have someone who has copypasta’d the equivalent of a yarn and index card sculpture out of google searches and YouTube videos, and re-posted it to his website, and calls that “research”. The Producer made a distinction as to what he considers credible research, and all these people can focus on, is that one of his parents provided him a real-life working example of what credible research should consist of. The focus of some conspiratards that having an educational paternal influence is negative, need to have their heads examined. Holy shit these people want to save something. You would think a positive childhood where someone learned how to discern bullshit from facts would be a goal.

So, Jim then told a bunch of anecdotes he heard about people he’s never met in real life. Threatened a bunch of Facebook profiles. Talked over Dave for most of the talk, and didn’t answer anything. Here’s the audio capture. The Producer is the top track.


This huckster unfortunately has made himself look credible enough that people give him money. Which personally, I think is morally questionable considering the mental capabilities of said people. His latest scheme to get a few quick bucks was to tell everyone that he was going to fly to Alaska for the HAARP open house. A chemtrailer flying somewhere always seems funny to me. He didn’t hit his goal, so he’s not going to go. But, he’s keeping your money to pay for his holistic graves disease treatment. Which he has at least 2 other GoFundMe campaigns for. Buncha suckers.

200 Years, a? Pretty sure 200 years ago people were still trying not to die from a rat bite….

200 Years, a? Pretty sure 200 years ago people were still trying not to die from a rat bite….

He’s trying to go to Colorado to get some “hemp oil treatment” ::wink wink::, a juice machine. Some other snake oil, a boxing set up, and some other woo shit, instead of just doing what the man that probably spent 200K on a PhD in medicine told him to do. Oh, and make more videos about bullshit.

This week in Derp does have a palate cleanser, in which a bunch of dumb-ass white nationalists doxxed each other, or maybe someone smarter than them (could be anyone) tricked them. The Producer wrote a blog about it and documented all the “reply all” email chain glory for you. Moral of this story, always subscribe to the Nazi event newsletter.

In our own news, our first event for the Local Love Podcast is posted and in a few weeks! Check out our line up and show some face. It’s going to be an amazing day of music! Next Tuesday we have Brandon Eisenberg of Alvie and the Breakfast Pigs in the studio. Probably telling us about his exhaustive schedule of shows and events he’s doing over the next few weeks. One of them includes sharing a bill with The Roughies. Show starts at 9PM Pacific. This Sunday as always (unless it isn’t) is The Plex! Show starts at 7PM Pacific. Don’t forget to join our Discord to chat or voice chat with us during the show, throw us a few shill bux and get some perks over at our Patreon, and give us a damn call at 415-903-7539. Leave us a crazy voicemail. We’ll play it. On the podcast version. Why the fuck not.

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