The Crazy Bunch - Chemtrails Conference Season Drama 2018

The cast of characters remains generally the same. The drama changes, but just slightly.

The cast of characters remains generally the same. The drama changes, but just slightly.

Monday May 7th started out like any other day. Beautiful spring sky, only slightly dotted by Captain Carl’s handiwork. Then, out of nowhere, everyone’s timelines exploded with Chem-drama. Let me tell ya. Being the derp of record, we see a lot of infighting on a regular basis. But it’s nothing like during summit season. Thats like the superbowl of chemmie vs. chemmie. This year it’s Matt Landman vs. Madisonstar Moon vs. Jim Lee vs. Raphaelle O’Neil. And it’s a doozie…

This all started because Matt Landman didn’t book ‘ol Maddie as a speaker for the third year in a row for his chemtrail summit in Tucson, Arizona. So Madison decided to throw an almost concurrent conference of her own in Virginia Beach two weeks after his. Effectively splitting the whole speech giving portion of the community in an Madison vs. Matt situation. To anyone who’s ever been in any party-throwing scene, you know that booking the same acts 2 or 3 events in a row will make it less likely that people will attend your event. Because it’ll get boring if the same folk always show up to speak or perform. Even though attendance is already minuscule for a chem conference, you don’t want to risk the 20 or so seniors out on a day pass, and the 10 to 15 random mix of trolls and looky-loos, getting bored because they’ve seen this derp before.

Apparently a snub to the attention seeking personalities in the chemtrail conspiracy scene is grounds for an all out Facebook and social media battle royale. Complete with the usual cast of characters. All this really came to a head when Matt cancelled on Raphaelle O’Neil (author of a children’s book about chemtrails called “Funny Clouds”) when she praised both Matt Landman and fucking Professor Jim Lee as equal geniuses. Apparently because Matt has some issue with Jim, Matt canceled Raphaelle's talk at his conference. So Raphaelle posted screenshots of some text conversation, then had a big old sad on her page. 

Trying to confront Matt as to why her spot was cancelled via text:

New chem-phone. Who dis?

New chem-phone. Who dis?

Front page of Facebook meltdowns:


Don’t worry. You don’t have to read those walls of text. We won’t be offended.

Maddie can’t resist an opportunity to throw at least one of her colleagues under the bus:


Of course, If you tag Jim Lee in anything he appears like you just threw up the derp signal:


There’s no way Jim will let himself be left out of the fun and lose those precious, precious page views. So he took to Facebook live and we scraped the video to put it on YouTube because, well, because this guy probably raised awareness by blocking you.

The chem-drama always goes down right before the conference, or in this case 2 conferences. Sad chemmies

So far every year this kinda thing goes down. When the Producer and I (debatably) went to Portland last May for the summit, the week prior was fraught with chem drama. We didn’t know if we were going to be walking into the World Star of chemtrail conferences or what. We were hoping, but it was painfully boring. If you’re a D-list chemtrail or geoengineering celebrity, this is like the Oscars. Being left out means all your GoFundMe campaigns won’t get the shares and exposure they need from inside the circle, because you’ve blocked the rest of Facebook. Not to mention that infighting is just plain bad optics. If the believers can’t agree with each other, it makes the whole scene look just that much more crazy.

In the days leading up to the summits, it’s hard to say who’s going to turn on who. Matt Landman has remained pretty quiet on the subject, save for one cliche’ ass passive aggressive post. Madison will probably start to slowly unravel in the weeks leading up to her conference when the money dries up and the donations stop rolling in and she has an event to make happen. Raphaelle will side with Maddie and a new super team will be born. Jim, well, Jim is still an asshole with delusions of grandeur. So nothing new there. But you can count on Echoplex Media to bring you all the derp that’s fit to herp. It’s how we earn those sweet, sweet shillbux.

We're monitoring the situation and should there be any important developments, we will update this article or maybe even write a new one if something completely different goes down. Don't forget to tune in this Saturday for our live coverage of Landman's conference!

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