Because Of Course It's Brian Kolfage


When we first started Echoplex we tried to cover this story, it was a sordid tale of trolling, doxxing, and what happens when those things get away from the keyboard, causing harm to real people, sometimes innocent bystanders. The cast of characters was certainly complicated. There were an awful lot of hurt feelings surrounding the shit show, some even directed our way. We failed at covering the story. It was too messy and we just didn’t have the resources and time to put it all together in a way someone might understand. But we did figure one thing out for sure. Brian Kolfage, sorry, Senior Airman Brian Kolfage, is a litigious sort and a grifter. From the wayback machine, here’s Busta Troll’s take on what went down.

All said and done, it seems that a guy named Brian Kolfage just trolled these idiots better than any liberal ever could. He got trumpistan to give him millions of dollars. Since he cannot give directly to a specific government project, that being illegal because it'd be pretty easy to bribe a lawmaker that way, he's just gonna claim to start a charity for "border security advocacy", put up some wack website, hire a couple of his buddies to post things on the site and social media, payroll himself like 2 million a year, and live himself a pretty nice life for quite some time.

Thomas Clay Jr probably says it best here:

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