Bonus -- We Wanted To Cover This Story, But....

This was supposed to be a report about what happened when the online culture war went "AFK".   There was doxing, people being harassed at their places of work, and even a lawsuit.  We thought this story basically wrote itself, and that this would be a relatively easy thing to take a stab at for our first in-depth report.  Then we interviewed one of the guys the story was centered around, and, well...just give it a listen, and you'll figure out why this ended up on the cutting room floor for the last couple of months.

For the record, Echoplex Media does not support or endorse any position on this issue, other than Brian Kolfage being a fuckin' asshole.

SIDE NOTE: This was the first real world test of our current audio recording setup, and the audio worked quite well. So there's that. Good luck!