Local Love EP062 Part 1 -- Valensorow

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Producer Dave
Waffle Princess
Chip DeVille

Musical Guests:  Valensorow 


5avcat - Les Maxima
3 Ring Simian - Roundhouse
Cado Dos Santos - Venha Dançar
Ariella Golda - Lord Of Heaven
Landon Wordswell - Survive The Road
Audible Smoke SIGNAL - Failure
Valensorow - Schlammshammehrk
KTSB - Wavelength
Dirtbag Dan - Slab City
Sweet HayaH - Yourself
The Wyatt Act - 20 Motherfuckers
Crepuscle - Right Of Revolution
$$OAPCAT - Hitched Xitch
Valensorow - Regenesis
Billy Sheen - Our Love Was a Lie