Local Love EP061 Part 2 -- Curious Quail and The Roughies

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Mike from Curious Quail was on skype remote, went better than we thought it would!


Producer Dave
Chip DeVille
Fact Checker Tara

Musical guests:
Curious Quail
Kyle By Design & Patty K (The Roughies)


Sweet HayaH - No Voice
Curious Quail - Refugee Camp
Shot in the Dark - Over
Curious Quail - The Villain
The Roughies - Smoke Of The Season
Joan and the Rivers - Baby Blue Fubu Suit
The Wyatt Act - Acid and Fapping
KTSB - Burning Plastic
NME - Bombs Not Food
The Roughies - Don't Hate the Cops
LEX - Undateable
FTB - Motown
Dirtbag Dan - Foolish Girl
Freddy Be - Time Flies ( Prod. By M.A.V. )
Rebelskamp - Huxtable Live at Sub Zero June 2 2017