Copy of Local Love EP069 Part 2 -- Harmond, Julie, and Natasha!

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Chip DeVille
Producer Dave
Natasha Littlewood
Julie Matthews
Harmond Von Golddd


Kat Robichaud - Misfit Cabaret
Verse - 50-50 Grind
Melted State - Say You're With Me
Dirtbag Dan - Foolish Girl
Chip DeVille - Almost Got Away With It
Ophwurld - You're Okay
LEX the Lexicon Artist - I'm Broke (ft. Ohm-I)
LEX - Glasses
Sweet Hayah - Backwards
Kat Robichaud and The Darling Misfits - Uh Oh
Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs - Hey Bay
The Roughies - Indian Burial Ground
Rebelskamp - Huxtable Live at Sub Zero June 2 2017