Local Love EP069 Part 1 -- Harmond, Julie, and Natasha!

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Chip DeVille
Producer Dave
Natasha Littlewood
Julie Matthews
Harmond Von Golddd


KTSB - Wavelength
Doctor Striker - At the End of the World
Valensorow - Blackbeard's Blackout
Panhandlers Union - Whiskey Lullaby
Nvs - Jesus Camping
Grampa's Chili - Sassafras
The Roughies - Football Scholarship
Joan and the Rivers - A Chick Named Tim
Rebelskamp - Moral Hangover (feat Cado, Natasha Littlewood, and Mighty Mike McGee)
Mr. Smooth - I Ain't Lit I'm Plugged In Mon
Landon Wordswell - Things Have Changed
J Wheeler Marc D beats - We made it Vr4
Bates - FYB
David Bu Hau - Robocop
Mannequin Planet - Brainwash!