Episode 023 Part 2 -- Excellent Reading From The Stable Datum


Producer Dave (@Plex_Dave)
Fuckin' Harrison (@Effin_Harrison)
Chip DeVille (@ChipDeville)
Juan Maserati
PK from The Roughies
Eric from Joan and the Rivers
Kyle By Design
Michael Stone from NME


Pandemonaeon - Song Of Mari
The Lucky Dutch - Darkness
Pandemonaeon - Well Of Lost Voices
Kenny Thomas and the Suthern Baptists - CHOCOLATE
The Roughies - What's Your Plan For The Wasteland?
Noah Kickback - Captured (Noah KickBack Remix)
Joan and the Rivers - Bum City
Dirtbag Dan - Suburbanites
Audible Smoke Signal - Cheers to Sobriety
Usurper Vong - Problem Gambler
Sweet HayaH - Better
Kenny Thomas and the Southern Baptists - The New Atomic
5avcat - TLC

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