Episode 007 Part 1

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Dave (@Plex_Dave) 
Juan Maserati from Rebelskamp
Waffle Princess
Chip Deville
Big J
Steve from Audible Smoke Signal


Curious Quail - Reconstruction
Town Crier - I'm A Wreck
Lucy Arnell - Sans-Souci
Lords of Sealand - Salty Gear
Shot In The Dark - Fan Fic
Black Cat Path - Dirty Love
Audible Smoke Signal - Walk Away
Chris Reed - Mi Corazon (feat. Luz Maria) 
Omen - Something I don't know Ft The Joherr
David Bu Hau - Robocop
3 Ring Simian - Roundhouse 41511
Bates - (6A) FYB 1.3 Bates
Melted State - Love Ain't Gonna Take It (mix2) 
Rebelskamp - No Next Time