Local Love EP041 Part 1 -- Kyle and PK of The Roughies

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Producer Dave
Steve On Keys
Juan Maserati

Kyle by Design and Patty K from The Roughies


Mr Smooth - I Ain't Lit, I'm Plugged In Mon Feat Fashion
Kenny Thomas and the Suthern Baptists - CHOCOLATE
The Roughies - Don't Hate the Cops
FTB - Stronger
Verse - 50-50 Grind
The Roughies - Something Useful To Do
Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction - Rudolph The Blood Soaked Reindeer
Chip DeVille - The Technicolor Nightcap
Cado Dos Santos - Venha Dançar
Mars Cantina and Pablo Eagle - Song For The Water Protectors
book on VHS - chameleon
G. Willikers vs Tributaries - Go Lovely (Settled)
The Roughies - Football Scholarship