Local Love EP040 Part 2 -- More Fun With Doctor Striker

We had a great time with Doctor Striker in studio.  Super nice guy, super fun music, and now a friend to the Local Love family.  

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Producer Dave
Chip DeVille
Media Wench
Juan Maserati
Fuckin Harrison

Special Guest Doctor Striker


Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction - Gimme Gimme
FTB - Motown
G. Willikers vs Tributaries - Go Lovely (Settled)
Doctor Striker - This is it
Kenny Thomas and the Southern Baptists - ATTACKED BY SPIDERS
Melted State - Reach
Citabria - Hey Now
Mr. Smooth - Ganja Clouds
5avcat - Growing up on the Street
Galactic Zoo - Cold
Doctor Striker - America
Audible Smoke Signal - Cheers to Sobriety
Rebelskamp - Huxtable