Episode 037 Part 2 -- Ladies Night with Nehal from Sweet HayaH


Media Wench
Teacher Allyson
Waffle Princess
Nehal from Sweet HayaH

Old Sol - I am...
5avcat - The Slap
Kenny Thomas and the Southern Baptists - ATTACKED BY SPIDERS
Nvs - Polly Ann Marie
Sweet HayaH - No Voice
Juan Maserati - Don't You See
book on VHS - cheese beast
Audible Smoke Signal - Cheers to Sobriety
Dirtbag Dan - All She Wrote
Chip DeVille - Left U Hangin
Sweet HayaH - There Goes The Man
Melted State - Love Ain't Gonna Take It
Synthface - Computer (I'm Here)
Rebelskamp - Get Lost
Kenny Thomas and the Suthern Baptists - CHOCOLATE
Billy Sheen - Miss MacGuyver

The fabulous talented lead singer of Sweet HayaH, Nehal, joins our all star panel of ladies to play the best local bay area music, take some calls, talk some shit, and have some ladies bonding time.  Local Love is live every Tuesday at 9pm.  Info on the stream and show notes can be found at echoplexmedia.com