Interview -- Unknown Brony and "John Elway" (not that John Elway)

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I first met “Unknown Brony” on Twitter. Never before had I met someone who, despite knowing the My Little Pony memes, took a right-wing stance against the threats of globalism and Sharia Law. He told me about a secret NSFW board named /mlpol/, born on April 1st when the 4chan image boards /mlp/ - My Little Pony - and /pol/ - Politically Incorrect - were merged as an April Fool’s prank.

I asked Unknown Brony if he would agree to a voice interview, He agreed, but he suspected our motives and thought we would take his words out of context, so requested a moderator from the /mlpol/ image board to join the interview for moral support.  The moderator anonymized himself with a meme of John Elway, so that is how I addressed him.

Below are some screenshots of typical /mlpol/ content from 6/23/2017. Plenty of swastikas and Pepe the Frog memes for everybody.