The Plex Interview -- Deo the Tasmanian Devil on Nazi Furries

“Deo the Tasmanian Devil” is a furry persona who is the online account of a Midwest steelworker, who, when she has downtime from the job, likes to visit furry conventions and meet-ups.

The “Furry Raiders” are a group of furries who wear Nazi regalia and espouse alt-right beliefs. When their salutes and armbands are objected to, they demand universal tolerance, and bully and threaten anyone who doesn’t tolerate them.

Although Deo did not sign up for Colorado’s “Rocky Mountain Fur Con”, when she contacted the convention’s security department to notify them of someone threatening to bring a firearm, she got a legal-looking notice that told her she was disinvited and banned.

Once she went public with the legalese notification, it became clear that it was sent from a single person, Kendal “Kahuki” Emery, without the knowledge or consent of any of the convention’s officials. It looked like an attempted coup by Kahuki in cooperation with the Furry Raiders, and the convention was swiftly cancelled by mutual agreement of the remaining staff.

Echoplex Media caught up with Deo the week after it all went down and got her side of things.

Nazi Punching gif loop:

The gun threat: / /

The cease and desist letter banning Deo and establishing a “Sovereign Citizen lien” on her property and wages:

RMFC is run by a corporation called MAAC, and Kahuki and Scorch sit on the board of MAAC. Scorch is the source of the sovereign citizen legal-sounding nonsense that Kahuki used in the letter:

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Portrait of Deo: