The Plex EP055 -- Last Big Show From The Old Studio (unedited)

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Producer Dave
The Good Wife
The Councilman
HK Perrin
Steve On The Other Hand


Sweet HayaH - Backwards
The Roughies - Don't Hate The Cops
NVS - Don't Talk To Me
Rebelskamp - Don't Tell Me

Docket (we didn't cover all the stories)

Newly elected Milpitas Mayor doesn’t understand what “plagiarism” is
Also makes awesome campaign videos:

Sean Spicer talking about “Atlanta Terrorist Attack”

Kellyanne Conway says “Shop ‘til you drop!”

Spicer responds to questions about Trump tweet about Nordstrom

GOP is really into creating safe spaces for themselves
Elizabeth Warren censured on the senate floor

Pat Robertson has some information about protesters

Alex Jones sucking Trump’s dick as usual

Alex Jones on Lady Gaga, pizzagate, and the goddess of satan

Dating site based around mutual hatred
Interview with the developer:

Local News, and a pr director for a ski resort, have some fun with ufo spottings

Melt Down Moon