The Plex EP054 -- Our First Show Of 2017 (live to tape)

This one was not edited, the audio was cleaned up but that's it.  The Plex is live every Sunday at 6pm pacific time.  Visit for more information!


Producer Dave
Steve On The Other Hand
Teacher Allyson
HK Perrin
The Councilman


The Roughies - Don't Hate The Cops
Echoplex Media and MadisonStar Moon - After All These Years (music by juan maserati)

Stories from our docket in no particular order:

Drunk Don Lemon on NYE is everything lol

Bernie on Trump

45% of common core is islamic indoctrination

Virginia Senator Dick Black hails philippine drug war

Jim Bakker on trump…. again

Simon Ramos the flat earther is a kook

Dan Bidondi (who pussied out of an interview) says the NYE ball is occult

Bachmann on Trump and gay rights

Crazy lady Janet Porter on the Klingenschmidt show talking abortion.

Amanda calls weather “authorities.

Bryan Fischer on the 10 commandments

Gordon Klingenschmitt on gay teachers.

Poor Bruce Anderson of NASA

Ben Carson finally tells the truth.

Bryan Fischer can’t stop lying about Right Wing Watch

Glenn Beck still thinks there was a conspiracy about the Boston bombing

Michael Savage says Trump election saved white children from slavery