The Plex EP053 -- Glenn Beck Learns What Butt-Hurt Means

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The Roughies - Don't Hate The Cops
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Here's the stories from the docket for the week, we never get to them all:

Ghost ship lease holder is interviewed

Pro Trump admiral has some suggestions on “winning hearts and minds

Trump has helped the real merkans win the war on christmas

A doctor on Fox News says that Trump will lower suicide rate because people will be happy

Glenn Beck asks the tough questions about Sarah Palin

Jim Bakker panhandling again

White nationalist Richard Spencer speaks at Texas A&M

Alex Jones says HRC has personally murdered and chopped up children

Pat Robertson talks about Ben Carson being qualified

Bishop claims to make mens’ penises larger by jerking them off
*no sound, only video, but still probably worth talking about*

Apparently executives at Zales are demon possessed

Alex Jones talks pizzagate…. It gets a little bizzare

Bring back the McRib.  Shout out to “unpopular opinion” podcast for their long term McRib coverage