BONUS! Shill Talk With Dave and Ryan

Two days before acclaimed derptologist and chemtrail loon MadisonStar Moon graced The Plex with her addled presence, a young man named Ryan, one of the people she "fair gamed" (a practice involving all bets being off when it comes to silencing your opposition) called in to talk about his experience.

Ryan had several run-ins with MadisonStar Moon over social media, a public figure whose crackpot theories have managed to gain considerable traffic. After challenging her positions one too many times, she managed to obtain a phone number for Ryan's place of business, and called him there to harass and threaten him.

For those of you who might not know, the policy of "Fair Game" is a Scientology creation, established by L. Ron Hubbard in the early days of the cult in response to criticism within and without. It basically means "anything goes" to shut up your critics, including things calling or showing up at people's homes or workplaces. Hubbard dropped the term in the late sixties over the bad PR that it caused, yet the practice never really ended.

Knowledgeably or intentionally or otherwise, MadisonStar Moon and her ilk have become a cult of their own, one that every day more closely mirrors the Cult Of Scientology, in practice if not belief. This is not the first person MadisonStar Moon has fair gamed; Matt Bowman, the man who archived Ryan's phone call and shared it with us, got a phone call of his own one time. You can listen to it below.

If you've had any experiences like this of your own with the "Truth Movement," please contact us at if you'd like to share your story.