The Plex EP052 -- The Return of The Tax Man

This episode is the docket portion of our Sunday show, unedited.  Originally recorded December 4th 2016.


Producer Dave
The Councilman
The TaxMan
HK Perrin
Juan Maserati


The Roughies - Don't Hate The Cops
Rebelskamp - Huxtable

In this episode we talk a little about the Oakland Ghost Ship warehouse fire as many of us have enjoyed underground parties over the years.  We also cover our usual diet of political, religion and conspiracy derp.  The Plex is live every Sunday at 6pm pacific.

Here's the story list for the show.  We never cover all of them.

Trump supporters are as awful as you think they are

Clinton and Trump campaign have a forum and it does not go well

Site has a list of professors who are “too liberal”

Hampshire college in MA calls the police on that asshole “Waters” from Fox.

Jim Bakker and buckets of slop!

Pat Robertson, ladies man.

Pat Robertson on what to do if your house is demon possessed

Louie Ghomert wasting congresses time.  But boy are the ribs probably delicious

Carl Gallups, whoever the fuck that is, thinks the UN may bring us the Anti-Christ in response to Trump

Swastika Cupcakes at a Jewish Teenager’s party

Alex Jones reveals the real Donald Trump

John Travolta peddling scientology as drug abuse program

Via Amanda Baise… Giant In The Sky by Kim Trell