Episode 019 - Dave's Birthday Hootenany!

Sunday, January 3rd was Dave's birthday, and we celebrated in the best way possible: by throwing down another episode of The Plex! Just about the entire crew showed up, and we had more than a few surprises all the way. Happy birthday to Dave, and thanks everyone for listening!


Dave (@plex_dave)
Harrison (@effin_harrison)
Randle (@randle_aubrey)
Miss Mary (@EchoplexMary)
Producer Alumnus Steve
The Viking
Nick Rhythm
Goldie Dawn
Creepy Eric



Kai_Engel - Dancing_on_the_Edge
Blank Kytt - RSPN
Tours - Enthusiast
Lovespirals - Love (7 Day Visa - Brooklyn Afterhours Remix)
Roots Messenger - Spiral Loop
Rebelskamp - Huxtable

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Posted by Louie Caponecchia on Sunday, January 3, 2016