Whose "Worst fears?"

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Whose "worst fears" will soon be realized as the cops bring war to the people?

This is like the old war movie villain line - "now you are being difficult and we are going to stop playing nice with you." Masses of innocent victims of police murder are swallowed whole by #WeThePeople - but even the potential of the loss of a police officer's life is sufficient cause to launch an all out war. What other #militarized #occupations on the planet have similar fascist ethics for their occupying force?

All of them.

We KNOW from human history - guerilla attacks by the people are the result of any occupying force. This is what has been forced upon us in this police state and it's ready to burst. Violence is always an immediate answer and #TheState is more than happy to oblige. Go ahead and make maniac Nazi scum POTUS' day by allowing him to declare martial law in defense of his beloved #LawAndOrder (not for you) and his occupying army of militarized police that are empowered to kill you at will.

And we’re not talking the best and the brightest here - we’re talking about Hitler Youth that can barely contain their eagerness to dehumanize you.

War would be more costly than we can imagine, and winning isn't about who grieves their dead the MOST and THE BEST! We know which lives are the valued - the lives of those in power, and with guns and badges - and We The People are not them.

Dead humans - citizens, immigrants, refugees, stateless pawns in #GITMO, and cops are everyone's problem. Our loss of humanity is the loss of humanity. Peace is only an option if we place it on the table. If #WeThePeople take an "eye" from the cops - they'll drop a bomb on our house with a robot and kill three generations of our family. See how WAR DOESN'T WORK for the people?!

In summary, the Selma, Alabama officer referenced above, survived the violent encounter. Compare this to the total disregard for the lives that cops take every day through extrajudicial street executions.

The Selma Times Article: "Selma officer ambushed, shot Sunday morning"

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