Question Everything, You Say?

You thought he was going to stick it to the jew bankers.  Or maybe you thought he was gonna topple the forces behind the new world order.  You might have thought he was gonna stop the chemtrails, tell everyone who really killed JFK, expose the secrets of the fed, disclose contacts with extraterrestrial beings, or you thought he was going to stick it to a certain Mr. Soros.

Well, unfortunately, as the race wore on,  you (and your dear leader Alex Jones) seemed to forget that shit you would tell me all the time when I was trolling you.  Question everything. Remember that shit?  

Well, as time went on, I was questioning everything, as one is told to do, and I decided that maybe having a carnival barker as the president was not such a good idea.  So you called me a “sheep” because I suggested that the guy you were practically blowing might not be a good person for the job.  I was a paid shill for Hillary Clinton even though my support for her was tepid at best.  Hillary would start conflicts with other countries you said.

Well guess what, truthers.  You’ve been had.  By a reality TV show host.  He played you.  He played InfoWars too.  They’re not really posting about Syria now, they have basically become  the Politburo, so they may be trying to figure out what line to tow, or at least how to sell extra Super Male Vitality in the aftermath of all of this.  But face it, you’ve been had.  It’s really great to watch actually.  Seeing the truth movement at large support an authoritarian was surreal at first.  You thought that he was going to use his authority to do what you think is right, to stop the global cabal, or pizzagate, or whatever the fuck you projected on to him.

And Infowars told you that all of this was right, and that Trump was going to bring the liberty and shit.  You were ready for a new renaissance of whatever the fuck you believe in, be it crystal healing, orgonite chembusters, scientology, taxation is theft, or that the moon landing was a hoax.  Because Trump was one of you and believed what you believed.  Not because he said so but because Alex Jones told you he was “the real deal” and shit.  Don’t be brainwashed by the media, watch Infowars!  *as of the time of me writing this, infowars has published very little, if anything on this matter*

Some of you Trump supporters who believe that the reports of the Syrian attack on civilians were all part of a false flag operation were in for a shock.  There was retaliation for the attack that supposedly never happened.  Trump rained down a massive amount of explody stuff on a country that never attacked us.  And you thought he going to expose "the truth".  You should have “questioned everything”.

If you have jumped ship on Trump, keep in mind that if you had taken your own fucking advice from the get go, you know, “question everything”, and applied it to the candidate you thought was going to give you what you wanted, maybe you wouldn’t have been in this conundrum.

But whatever.  What do I know?  I am just some shill or whatever.  But hey, you’re the one who worshipped a fucking game show host who shits on a golden toilet and wants to fuck his daughter.

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