Who's the Sheep Now, Bitch?

Hey you.  Yeah you.  The one who was calling me and others like me a "sheep" all these years. Telling us that we've fallen for "mainstream media manipulation" or that we should "do our own research".  Guess what.  I thought that your boy Alex Jones was taking the piss the entire time, and I have said as much on The Plex Podcast, more than once.  I didn't have evidence of this mind you, but it occurred to me that selling fear is a business, and that particular business is booming. This was an actual case of "the media" hoodwinking people.  And you, the conspiracy theorists, you couldn't see it because you were being told what you wanted to hear.  You were being told that you were in on the big secret and everyone else was a bunch of brainwashed "sheep".  

Here's an article with a bit more background if you haven't already seen it.

Here's what Jones' lawyer had to say when Alex's show was brought up in the custody battle he is currently involved in with his ex wife:

“He’s playing a character”
“He is a performance artist.”
His lawyer also suggested that judging Alex Jones' by his on air persona would be the same as judging Jack Nicholson for his role as The Joker.

This is all patently absurd because Alex Jones' website, Infowars tells you on the "About Alex Jones" page that he's been fighting the good fight (or what the fuck ever) since he was 20.  It says that he is under assault by "The Media", etc etc etc.... derp derp derp.  He claims to be an independent journalist and has even said that he's a fuckin "policy wonk".  If this is in fact performance art, then Alex Jones has been Apex Trolling for over 2 decades, but that doesn't mean the idiots who follow him are any less, well, idiotic.  If it's performance art, you've been had.  And it's amazing, your stupidity, truly amazing.

There is now a massive party going on in the comment thread of nearly every post on Alex Jones' Facebook Page.  It only takes a moment to find great screen shots.  Here's some examples:

And it's not like I even had to look for these at all.  These were just 3 random posts on the Alex Jones Facebook page.  You can go into any comment thread right now and find a bit of a party going on.  And the best part is watching the faithful defend Alex.  The claims are everything you'd think they'd be.  Someone got to his lawyer.  His ex-wife works for Soros and is trying to help the Jew World Order bring down the truth.  Or, and this is my favorite one.... the whole story is "fake news", this never happened, and of course, everyone but the faithful are brainwashed by the mainstream media.  Of course we are.

The truth?  Well the truth is probably a little more complicated than yes he believes what he says or no he doesn't.  But nuance has no place here.  It really never has a place in the war of bad ideas.  In the end, it's hard to know how much of what Alex says is what he truly believes and how much of it is an act to sell his scam supplements like this, a single ounce of iodine, on sale for around $22, what a deal, it's usually $40!

But fuck all that shit.  For now, let's just gloat.  Let's just throw a party in the comments thread on facebook and on his twitter.  Because today, well today we're winning one of the battles in the war of bad ideas, and it's glorious.  Shill on shills and troll on trolls.  You're doing great work even if nobody really appreciates it.

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