The Echoplex Saves Christmas! (PHOTOS)

Kirk Cameron Owned.png

On Saturday, December 12th, five brave podcasters at Echoplex Media and their stalwart companions did what no other podcasters or their stalwart companions ever could: they achieved a titanic victory for the agnostic front in the War On Christmas. After nearly escaping death by discomfort during a viewing of fundie wingnut and failed child star Kirk Cameron's classic holiday steamer "Saving Christmas," the group stormed the mics for a taping of Echoplex LIVE!, tearing the movie to shreds and moving on to thoroughly deconstruct nearly every bullshit myth propagated by the Christian Right regarding precisely who Christmas belongs to. Audio from their grand victory will be available soon; meanwhile, check out these photographs direct from the front lines, and let us know how you're fighting the good fight to save Christmas from itself. Happy Holidays from Echoplex Media, and thanks for listening!

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