Local Love EP103 Part 1

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Producer Dave
Chip DeVille
Media Wench

Guest Brandon Eisenberg
*at the very end, interview in part 2*


Pope Joan's Flying Yogis - Let 'Em Bleed
The New Atomic - Kenny Thomas and the Southern Baptists
Dust Breaks - Limbs
Gundacker - Scene of the Crime
Praktikos - crazie lo0ks
LEX the Lexicon Artist - 7 Evil Lexes (feat. None Like Joshua, Adam Selene, Kadesh Flow, Shubzilla, Creative Mind Frame, Ohm-I, & Schaffer the Darklord) (prod. Mikal kHill)
VAYD - Friendly Beam
5avcat - The Slap
The Wyatt Act - Everything's Fine
Brother Spellbinder - Speed of Sound